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3D Printing and Material Shaping

At the HelmerLab we use standard 3D-printing technologies such as VAT Polymerization techniques and extrusion-based technologies like Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) for shaping of novel materials. We also develop novel technologies for 3D printing in the field of volumetric printing and embedded printing. With our home-build printer systems, we work on shaping a large variety of materials, such as polymers, metals and glass.

MatrixPrint structure, polymerink in gel

Embedded Printing

We use our home-made 3D Printers for embedded printing, where an ink is printed in a special matrix material. Inks are deposited using thin needles. In the lab we engineer these matrices and inks to allow for a „zero-gravity“ print without supporting structures.

Volumetric Additive Manufacturing

The most recent development in 3D Printing are volumetric manufacturing techniques, where parts are not built in a layer-by-layer fashion, but built all in one by creating 3D image projections in the liquid resin. We work on developing printers and inks for volumetric AM.

Computed Axial Lithography CAL