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4D printing and sustainable materials

We are engineering new biobased printing resins with special functions for 3D and 4D printing. The project aims at developping sustainable materials for 3D and 4D printing. This involves the synthesis of new monomers and crosslinkers and the introduction of different additives to enable printing on a benchtop printer.

The IPROM Cluster at the FIT, the Freiburg Center for Interactive Materials and Bioinspired Technologies aims at studying and developping programmable materials with multiple functionalities, that can be activated by external triggers.

 This project is part of the IPROM Cluster. IPROM aims at developping programmable materials with a complex energy landscape, that change their properties in reaction to external triggers.

IPROM: concepts for degradable and reshapable materials

Engineered Resins for 4D Printing

3D Printing for mechanical testing


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