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MatrixPrint Embedded Printing

With our in-house built printing systems, we print liquid inks into matrix materials using thin needles. The matrix materials are engineered to hold the ink in place with minimum distortions. The inks are polymerized inside the matrix and can consecutivley be removed as a full 3D part. We print glasses, polymers and metals on one printing system. Additionally, with special matrix/ink combinations, we write thin channels in 3D for microfluidic applications.

The MatrixPrint project provides a printing system for glas, metals and polymers on a single machine at high precision and smootheness. The system relies on printing of nanoinks into stpecial supporting matrices.

Thin channels written in polymerizable matrix

Home-built 3D Printing System

Printing of inks in engineered MatrixPrint matrix

Next to freestanding microstructures, the project aims at providing embedded channel system for microfluidic applications. In the project the printer equipment is developed to ensure high-resolution printing. In the final prints, structures in the lower micrometer range can be printed.

This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF) within the NanoMatFutur Program project 03XP0299.


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